About The Photographer

As a photographer people know Huzzatul Mursalin by the name “Sopnochora”. “Sopnochora” is a Bengali word but English you may call it the guy who steal dreams. He is learning how steal dreams from the natures and its people with the help of equipment named camera

Huzzatul Mursalin continuing this photographic journey since December 2009. And after that he never thought to leave this course because photography is the only thing, which makes him feel spirited, and helps to exist with all the essence of life. He is still an recreational photographer and every day he learned something about this journey.

Huzzatul Mursalin have completed his B.Sc (Bachelors in Science) and M.S (Masters in Science) in Microbiology from Department of Microbiology, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh and now working as a Manager, Quality Assurance at International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research in Bangladesh (icddr,b).

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